Meet Heather

Heather Foli is a student and a teacher of human consciousness. Her unique approach is to become a master of the temple or body.

“We are all healing ourselves on one level or another. My story may be different than yours yet we are all the same: one being experiencing 7 billion versions of self.” says Heather. Rather than directing an individual, she walks with them hand in hand with deep curiosity as to what their human make up consists of. She shares her own life experiences in combination with what she has learned through thousands of hours of study in hopes others may witness a part of themselves, something might be stirred that has remained dormant, and inspire those to wake who know they are here for reasons greater than what is being lived.

Born and raised in California Heather has been on the healing path for nearly 20 years which began at a young age whilst training for dance and sports striving to understand the human body and its ability to heal and thrive naturally. On the verge of a breakdown “spiritual awakening”, she found yoga and began the process of looking within rather than without for self-discovery and connection to Source to reform her interior construct. These discoveries lead to the launch of her conscious living coaching practice and teaching yoga in studios, schools, retreats and festivals around the globe while also attending countless workshops, conferences, and retreats working with many world-renowned teachers and vocalists.

You will find her traveling full time with her dog Bentley in tow teaching yoga, coaching, leading retreats, and programs usually somewhere warm near a beach. She loves deeply, enjoys laughing often and while she adores being amongst the crowd you’ll discover her in a corner immersed in an intimate conversation where an initial connection grows into a lifelong tribe.