Meet Julia

Julia Christina has a heartfelt interest in healing through balancing body, mind, and soul. She is also a mental health advocate since being diagnosed as bipolar 14 years ago at 28.

I feel to have always been on a journey of self-discovery and soul searching, through various paths and disciplines.
These include yoga, yoga philosophy, meditation techniques from the yoga traditions as well as the shamanic pathway, nutrition, strength training, art therapy, gardening, and herbal remedies.

Alongside yoga, I have worked in fashion as a designer with my own label and have done styling and created costumes for music award shows and theatrical plays.

My main interest now is exploring the therapeutic effects of regular yoga practice, meditation, drawing flowers, growing my own vegetables, and studying the effects of these activities on general wellbeing as well as during the different states of consciousness of mania and depression.

By practicing the art of mindfulness and self-reflection, every single moment of your life is a moment to expand into your true state.
My aim is to share my personal experience and knowledge of these disciplines to benefit others through creating harmony between body, mind, and soul.