Meet Patrycja (“hippie from the city”)- Poland

Yogi, traveler, dance lover, life passionate, native speakerΒ 

Patricia is a yoga teacher and wellness coach with multinational experience. Daily, she runs yoga and meditation classes, individual sessions, soul-development workshops, and female circles.
At the retreat, she will run one of the yoga classes, 1-2-1 sessions, and 1 group conference.

“I am achieving it through yoga practice and traveling. My work experience and education vary from management, modeling, and digital marketing, however recently I had a major shift in my life and dedicated myself to discover and learn about the self. I believe that if I reach the core understanding of the self I will understand the world and be able to provide real value and help. I am using my yoga and life coaching skills to help people on a daily basis.”

There is nothing more rewarding to Patrycja, than seeing someone actually gaining something joyful from sharing her talent and knowledge, and this is what she wants to do going forward, spreading awareness to as many souls in this world as possible and make positive changes happen.